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Your Complete Hyper VR Destination

Take advantage of our expertise as operator and owner of VR centers for more than 7 years to build your own venue from the ground up.

Full-Service VR Venue Creation

Our team will assist you in your VR center’s design. We provide all the attractions necessary to deliver a successful Hyper VR experience to your customers, including escape rooms, high-throughput attractions and the most immersive hyper-reality adventures.

Turnkey Solution

We come to your location, install the attraction(s) you chose, train your staff and provide you all the information to run a successful VR business. With your dedicated account manager, our software support hotline, and our warranty assistance team, we’re with you for the long run.

7+ Years of Operation Experience

With over 7 years of operating VR and owning multiple VR centers, we know how to build and run VR centers. We will share with you our business model, our know-how, our procedures and also give you strategic advice to help you build your own VR center.

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