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VEX Solutions built its experience by running its own VR arcade in Belgium. We learned the keys to success the old fashion way: with hard work!

Our mission is to deliver the best possible experience and make businesses grow with new and returning customers every day. To achieve this goal, all our products are tested in our own arcade so we know exactly what people want and how to deliver it correctly.

Discover why VEX is the reference in hyper-reality activities and what sets us apart.

The VEX Adventure was the first turnkey hyper-reality attraction in LBE and it is still to this day the only one providing all the features that are expected of one: free-roaming, 4D effects, attractive design, multiple experiences, hand recognition, and an exclusive vibrating platform immersing players into new realities.


Today, we are leading the hyper-reality industry with our attractions that have a worldwide proven track record. The uniqueness of the hyper-reality experience offered works as an anchor for all additional activities provided on-site and will, in turn, boost their revenue as well as creating a self-sustaining ecosystem around it.

In 2017, we started our own entertainment center based around VR activities. At the time, VR was still mostly unknown to the general public but we could see its potential. We built our experience as operators first, encountering the day-to-day struggles inherent to entertainment centers. This gave us a unique perspective on the LBVR market that most might have overlooked otherwise. We understood quickly that a great and future-proof attraction would rely on three core tenets :

  • First and foremost, an activity unachievable at home, or how to make people get out of their couches to try something new
  • Secondly, a complete turnkey system, or how easy the attraction would be to use daily for operators
  • Finally, a great customer experience, or how to increase customer satisfaction with a personalized experience while providing data to operators

VEX is not -just- a creator of memorable experiences. We also strive to provide our customers with the best services in the business at no extra cost in order to maximize their revenue.


  An end-to-end customer experience: Your customers register themselves, get a customized experience and receive detailed information about their session afterward.

•  A complete esports implementation: VEX runs its own esports league with contests and prizes all year long. Those contests attract different types of audiences to your center. If you want, you can even use our contest creation tool to launch your own personalized contests in a few minutes.

  A guided journey: We provide all of our customers with over 400 pages of guides written by our own team of experts based on 5+ years of experience. Those guides cover various topics that will help you launch, promote and operate your new attraction efficiently.

  A full marketing suite: In addition to our provided marketing materials and specific marketing guides, we give you access to your attraction’s data as well as your customers’ details. You can decide if you want to use our own automatic marketing or supplement it with targeted campaigns thanks to the analytics available to you.

  Your own VR center: We combine all of those different features with our experience as VR operators and entertainment center owners to help you create your own VR center from the ground up. Pick from our set of attractions, ranging from classic VR arcade to immersive hyper-reality adventures and transform your VR project into a successful business with the help of VEX Solutions.

The saying goes “practice makes perfect”…but what if you could skip a few steps?
At VEX, we learned the value of experience, and we try our best to spread our knowledge whenever we can to help businesses make the best out of their VR attractions.


  The work we have done – and keep on doing – on the e-book “How to make money with VR ?is considered as the reference guide to success in VR and is often highlighted in the press as such.

  VEX Partner Portal, the intuitive website available to all VEX’s customers, contains powerful analytics and more than 400 pages of in-depth information on topics ranging from “how to best prepare your business to VR” to “how to set up the most effective marketing campaign for a VR attraction”. The goal is to share our knowledge and help our customers overcome the same challenges we’ve encountered over time and fast-track their path to success.

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