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The Power of Hyper-Reality

Get your customers off their couches with 4D effects, free-roaming, haptics, and memorable adventures. Offer a true out-of-home activity with VEX’s Hyper VR!

Throughput and Modularity

Up to 6 players can share an experience at the same time. The attraction is available in three formats accounting for different budgets and space allocations.

End-to-end Customer Experience

Keep your customers engaged from start to finish with self-registration, personalized games and follow-up emails. Let the date do the work through our automated marketing tools.


  • 4D Effects
  • Free-Roaming


  • Contest with prizes
  • Leaderboards


  • Easy to operate
  • Full service

Fast ROI

  • High throughput
  • 6 Players

Customer Experience

  • Players app
  • Automated Marketing


  • Different Formats
  • Fits all Budgets

Large Catalog

  • Content Diversity
  • Complete Experience


  • Upgrades & Updates
  • New Games

Much more

No Wire

VEX Adventure offers high quality experiences with no need for heavy backpacks or unpredictable streaming technology.

Automated Onboarding

Our time-assisted onboarding process increase efficiency with the addition of tutorial and presentation videos.

Twice the Throughput

Up to six players can now play at the same time. Looking for more? You can add a second player kit and reach up to 36 players per hour.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Guests can self-register, personalize their session, compete in esports contests, get a souvenir picture and more.

A Complete Turnkey Experience

A Guided Journey

Get access to 7 years of operating experience through our exclusive portal full of guidestips, and analytics. Use this information to attract new customers, increase your repeat visitation and maximize your revenue.

Automated and Efficient

VEX Adventure runs its own AI-enhanced software and games. With no particular knowledge needed, one person is able to operate the whole setup, effectively cutting the costs of operation and training personnel.

A Format That Fits Your Needs




4D Effects & Haptics

Guest Exp. Enhancements

Spectator Experience

A Format That Fits Your Needs


4D Effects & Haptics

Guest Exp. Enhancements

Spectator Experience


4D Effects & Haptics

Guest Exp. Enhancements

Spectator Experience


4D Effects & Haptics

Guest Exp. Enhancements

Spectator Experience

Full Esport Experience

Replayability Boosted by Prizes

Increase revenue thanks to VEX’s global esports contests, where players worldwide compete for enticing prizes that make them come back for more

Engage Customers with our Player App

Deepen customer involvement with our player app, offering seamless registration, stat tracking, and esports updates directly from their pockets!

Effortless Promotion

Let the system do the marketing thanks to automated promotion on TVs, website integration, and even email updates to encourage repeat visits

Create Your Own League

Empower your esports vision with our comprehensive league creation tools, promoting community engagement and driving participation.

Drive Competition with Leaderboards

Fuel competition with global and local leaderboards, motivating players to track progress, achieve goals, and boost repeat use!

VEX Esport
VEX Arena diverse catalog is full of competitive and cooperative experiences
Fun is for everyone

Unique Adventures For Everyone