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The Ultimate Freeroam Platform


Modularity & Scalabilty

Starting at 4x4m up to 10x10m, VEX Arena is the only hyper-reality system that fits your needs! With its smart design philosophy, the system can accommodate columns or pillars inside the play area and will fit pretty much anywhere.

Highest Throughput

VEX Arena reaches a throughput of up to 120 players per hour without compromising on quality. Game time is adjustable from 5 minutes to 1 hour to fit your needs.

Unparalleled Social Experience

Enhance customer engagement with our themable lobby and fun games. From Birthfay Party to Halloween and more, we’ll make sure every visit is a social celebration.

The best throughput in location-based virtual reality

Hyper VR

  • Free-Roaming
  • Vibrating Vest

High Throughput

  • Contest with prizes
  • Leaderboards


  • Easy to operate
  • Full service

Fast ROI

  • High throughput
  • High revenue

Customer Experience

  • Players app
  • Automated Marketing


  • 16 to 100 m²
  • Pillars & Columns

Kids Friendly

  • Content Diversity
  • Complete Experience


  • Contest with prizes
  • Leaderboards

Much more

VEX Arena, experience VR like never before

VEX Arena diverse catalog is full of competitive and cooperative experiences

From Kids to Grown-Ups

VEX Arena understands the importance of family-friendly entertainment. With a diverse range of experiences suitable for all ages, it offers an inclusive environment for kids. Embark on thrilling quests, solve mind-bending puzzles, or simply explore breathtaking virtual worlds from young kids to teens, families and adults.

Industry-leading Guest experience

Self-registration, personalized adventures, post-game analytics & a dedicated player app are part of your attraction. Stay on your customer’s mind effortlessly and let the data do the work for you through our automated marketing tools.

Your VR Arena on the Move

Discover the fully-featured VR Arena to your customers with the VEX Arena Mobile! All the same features you expect of its location-based version are now available in a package that enables safe transport, easy setup, and quick operation

Full Esport Experience

Replayability Boosted by Prizes

Increase revenue thanks to VEX’s global esports contests, where players worldwide compete for enticing prizes that make them come back for more

Engage Customers with our Player App

Deepen customer involvement with our player app, offering seamless registration, stat tracking, and esports updates directly from their pockets!

Effortless Promotion

Let the system do the marketing thanks to automated promotion on TVs, website integration, and even email updates to encourage repeat visits

Create Your Own League

Empower your esports vision with our comprehensive league creation tools, promoting community engagement and driving participation.

Drive Competition with Leaderboards

Fuel competition with global and local leaderboards, motivating players to track progress, achieve goals, and boost repeat use!

VEX Esport
VEX Arena diverse catalog is full of competitive and cooperative experiences

The Largest Freeroam Catalog

From small kids to adults, we provide the largest set of high-quality games for all ages to maximize your audience.