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VEX Corp. needs you once again! We haven’t received any communication from Lunar Base 42 for days and your help is needed to uncover what’s going on!

Explore a Lunar Base, Solve Its Puzzles and Ucover its Mysteries

LUNARSCAPE: Sammenbrudd team up with up to 4 players to discover what happened to Lunar Base 42.  We’ve had no contact with it for days and your mission requires you to go to the moon and find out what happened. As soon as you’ll arrive, you’ll quickly understand that the whole station is in lockdown. The clock is ticking and your full cooperation will be needed to make this mission a success.

An Escape Game for the Whole Family

LUNARSCAPE: Sammenbrudd deles best med dine venner og familiemedlemmer. Takk til VEX Adventure‘s surprising physical effects, live an unforgettable experience that will make you crawl through wind-filled air ducts, avoid death-defying lasers, and solve puzzles as a team!

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