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Virtual reality activities have become a staple of location-based entertainment (LBE) venues. Yet, most centers are still offering the same classic VR experience anybody can get at home with a standalone headset cheaper than a game console. To keep attracting new customers, operators are thus turning to hyper-reality to provide experiences unachievable at home. But, what is hyper VR?

Free-Roaming, Enjoy VR Without Restrictions

Hyper-reality experiences do not keep you static and tethered to a computer. Hyper VR allows you to move in the virtual world as you would in the real world, by simply walking and exploring. No controllers are needed to manage your movements and the headset you put on is completely wireless. You benefit from great freedom of movement and are therefore totally immersed in the different virtual worlds. It increases the ease of access for users and lets “non-gamers” enjoy the activity thanks to intuitive controls.

For LBE operators specifically, turnkey attractions provide very efficient handling. Usually, you’ll have a touchscreen to launch the experience and an automated onboarding process to help the different groups get set up properly. If you’re new to free-roaming and want to learn more about the advantages of this technology, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post dedicated to it.

Feel The Experience with 4D Effects

What makes Hyper VR experiences stand out is their high level of immersion. The players will feel different sensations during the game that are not found in classic VR games.

With the addition of physical effects, the customers are not simply playing a game anymore, they’re living extraordinary experiences they will want to share. For example, if the players are exploring a volcano, they could feel the heat surrounding them and discern a burning scent. Thanks to a unique vibrating platform they can experience the ground shaking under their feet as a gigantic monster approaches or they could notice the breeze on their face as they’re observing the beautiful view at the top of a mountain.

Other hyper-reality experiences will decide to add effects directly on the players by putting a special haptic vest. These jackets allow players to feel sensations on themselves during the game. They can experience the bite of a zombie on their chest or the laser shot from an enemy’s blaster on their back. In VEX’s best-seller experience Mission Z, players are tasked to find out what happened to an old manor in ruins. Soon, they’ll encounter its new inhabitants, they’ll discover secret passages and take elevators to unknown locations. Every part of the experience is enhanced thanks to VEX Adventure‘s 4D effects.

In hyper-reality, physical effects add to the player’s experience and provide an exceptional activity and a memorable moment they couldn’t ever achieve at home.

Real Interactions

In hyper VR attractions, interactivity is king: you can press buttons, insert codes to open doors, activate levers, etc. Imagine an escape room where you would actually be able to take an elevator, choose which floor you want to stop at, and finally, feel the elevator move thanks to the vibrating platform under your feet!

In the more advanced experiences, all those actions will be performed with your real hands and no game controller is needed. This technology reinforces the social aspect of VR and the interactivity between players. You can wave at your teammates, touch them, high-five, or even start a game of rock, paper, scissors if you want. This makes for an even more immersive and unique experience.

Hyper virtual reality, in the end, is a unique experience and an activity that is impossible to reproduce at home. These new sensations attract crowds. We’ve been creating hyper VR experiences for 5 years and we see more in the industry shifting towards this type of activity. It is THE way for LBE centers to remain attractive against classic VR which is becoming commonplace at home. It will attract new players and keep existing customers coming back thanks to the many experiences always in development
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Is it your first time hearing about hyper VR? VEX started by operating its own LBE center over five years ago. From our daily experience, we decided to create a product that would fit the need of customers and operators alike. Get in touch and learn more about this technology from industry leaders.

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