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As entertainment center owners, the question we’re all asking ourselves is: how to get back to pre-pandemic revenue?

One of the biggest hurdles we encountered was to convince customers to come back inside our center during a hot summer when they had all this new entertainment at their disposal. And, after a few weeks of being reopened, it’s safe to say that we’ve been successful in doing so. In this blog post, we’ll tackle the 3 major steps, as operators ourselves, that we decided to take in order to bring customers back.

Advertise your Return

A major factor in the economy is information. To be a successful business you need to keep your clients informed. Indeed, if your clients aren’t aware of your reopening, surely they won’t show up!

To inform them, you need to advertise your reopening correctly. You will have to use all your information channels: website, social media, mailing, and more. Each channel of communication is useful! The key point is to keep your clients informed of your return. For our center, we announced our return a few weeks before our reopening by teasing our clients with discounts and new attractions and/or activities.

VEX provides access to advanced analytics, marketing tools, and over 200 pages of guides to all of its partners in order to do this efficiently.

Feel the game with VEX Adventure, the LBVR turnkey attraction

Do Not Underestimate New Experiences !

For our reopening, we launched our esports league on the VEX Arena and VEX Adventure. To stand out from your competition, offering a new panel of activities will bring back “old” clients and attract potential new ones. You may already know by now that VR is currently booming in the LBE sector. Investing in a new VR attraction will stimulate the interest and curiosity of your customers. Therefore, the importance of selecting and combining the right attractions together is another key to success. To create traction to your center it is suggested to select an anchor attraction. These types of attractions are destined to attract people: by their look, by their gameplay, and thanks to the “wow” effect they provide. It leads to the return of old customers and the importance of repeat plays.

Develop a Sense of Security Regarding The Pandemic

A factor that will potentially scare some of your clients is the situation with the pandemic in your part of the world. We decided to take a reassuring approach with our clients and show them that, when they come to our center, their health is taken seriously. Here are some tips to make your center feel safer and help your customers trust you :

  • The cleaner the better: the more you clean your center the less you risk any kind of infection.
  • Make a show out of it: show your client that you clean regularly and insist on the cleaning when some of your clients feel less safe than usual.
  • Communicate well: again, information is the key to success. Inform your customers about your cleaning procedures, show them that you take their safety seriously.
Everyone can register easily to play VEX attractions and participate in the VEX eSports League
All in all, for your comeback to be successful, you’ll need to market your return and announce it correctly. You also need to offer something new, an experience that stands out to entice your customers to come back. Finally, you need to reassure your customers through day-to-day practices that keep them safe.
If they know that you’re open, that you have new content for them to try, and that they feel safe, your customers will come back!
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